There’s a ridiculously quick way to donate your car to charity in the United States and get the maximum tax benefit.

And once you know what it is, and how it works, you’ll slap yourself for not trying it earlier.

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What was the actual problem?

After spending a lot of time in finding the best charity for your favorite cause and tax credit, you are waiting for the quick response, your vehicle pickup, acknowledgment receipt, etc; but things are too slow than expected and you are frustrated…

Now you want to find another one!! We understand your pain at this point (that’s where our 1-click donation comes into the picture).


Here’s the deal:

With our unique 1-click donation process, you’ll just need to submit least possible details about your donation. It will ensure that you get your desired service in a shortest possible time.

How can you actually use this?

Here is the 1 simple step: Just enter your email or phone number. Or just enter your vehicle number. That’s it!!

Let the 1-click donation do the rest.