donate-car-calculate-tax-deductionDonating your vehicle and confused about tax benefit calculation?

Here is the deal;

Learn to calculate your tax write-off benefit!

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Your car donation also gives you tax deduction benefits. Learn to calculate your tax benefits while donating your car, van, truck or any other vehicle and donate it with confidence.

Car donation is the greatest charity you may consider that will suffice for your lifetime, at the same time you can also claim the maximum possible tax deduction for donating your car.

How to Donate a Car for Tax Credit

To donate your car for the maximum tax credit you need to follow certain simple steps. It was complicated before 2005; Thanks to the new tax law that started affecting after 2005.

IRS, now made it easier to calculate your car value. Prior to 2005, tax deduction benefits were dependent on values of an inflated book. As per this rule, your car value is likely to get lesser and lesser as the car gets older.

Key Takeaway: As per the IRS new law, your tax deduction amount depends on your car selling price.

  • We made this process a breeze to get the max possible tax benefit of your car donation. Call us now or leave us a message through an online form and we’ll handle rest of the things.
  • Your truck, car or any other vehicle will be professionally picked up and will be donated to your preferred charity/cause then we help a charity to sell it at public auction.
  • You’ll receive a receipt for your car donation.

Car Valuation/ Tax Calculator Resources

Here are some resources to evaluate your used car value.

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