1877-kars4-kidsWant to donate your car to Kars4Kids.org?

…but not sure whether it is a Scam or Scandal?

We are here to help you with this.

We have spent a lot of time to research and provide you correct information about this Kars for Kids scandal.

Kars 4 Kids (cars for kids/kars for kids) has just created a page with url kars4kids-scam.

When I have seen that page first time, I thought it will provide an answer to the question on scam those are roaming around the nation.

But the Kars4kids actually talks about their experience, no.of kids it has helped, etc, which looked like a sales & marketing pitch for me completely.

This blog talks about their Ripoff report, deceptive advertising and more. CharityWatch has written a detailed story on this here.

Complaintsboard has several complaints on this and in some places mentioned it as fraud, you read more on this here. On the other hand, CharityNavigator has given a moderate concern CN advisory here.

If you have not read my unbiased review of Kars4kids scam, do it now to get the right idea.