1877-kars4-kidsKars4Kids was spending huge money for their ads and advertising channels.

By the time of this reading, you are already aware that Kars4Kids is one of the United States’s leading charity in the car donation to charity space.

When you want to donate your car or another vehicle to Kars4Kids, you’ll obviously want to know, how they are going to spend your donated money after selling your car.

Well, this post just shows that !!

According to StarTribune‘s post titled “Minnesota attorney general finds that less than 1 percent of donations to Kars4Kids charity goes to Minnesota kids” published on MAY 4, 2017, Kars4Kids said it made sense to spend most of its money on the East Coast.

In the same post, Wendy Kirwan stated: “Headquartered in the Northeast, many of our programs and recipients naturally come from this area.”

According to Swanson report, only about 44 % of the $88 million kars4kids raised nationally from 160,000 donated vehicles between 2012 and 2014 went to good deeds.

It has also said, Most of that money, amounting to $40 million, was given to an affiliated non-profit organization called Oorah, which promotes Orthodox Judaism among children mostly in New York & New Jersey.

According to this blog post, almost all money raised from the Kars4Kids charity goes to a Lakewood, New Jersey based program set up to pay for various educational programs and private schooling. The charity program aims to bring Jewish schoolchildren and adults closer to their heritage.