This post is an unbiased review of car donation charity Kars4Kids.org. This review includes important information about the organization and facts from various online resources talking about their charity services. Please read the full review to understand better.

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Organization: Kars4Kids.org

You may mistype it like cars for kids or cars 4 kidz or kars for kids.

Type: Non-profit

About: Kars4Kids is a registered 501(c)3 operating in the United States and Canada, and takes donations of vehicles mostly cars. Donations to Kars4Kids benefit the Oorah (Joy for Our Youth, or J.O.Y.), a national organization with a stated goal of addressing the “educational, material, emotional and spiritual needs of Jewish children and their families, and whose mission, according to CharityWatch, appears to be “to persuade secular Jewish families to take on a more Orthodox Jewish lifestyle”.

Working hours:
Sun – Thu: 7 am – midnight EST
Fri: 7 am – 7 pm EST
Sat: 2 pm – midnight EST

Chat: Click to Open Chat Window & Start Chatting Now

Primary focus area: Car Donation to Charity for Kids welfare

Location as per Wikipedia: Lakewood, New Jersey, U.S. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Address: Headquarters – 1805 Swarthmore Ave, Lakewood, NJ, 08701.

Email Address: Customer Service: kars4kidscs@kars4kids.org ; Media Inquiries: media@kars4kids.org

Founder: Chaim Mintz

Motto: Because kids are our future

Founded: 1995

Number of employees: 70

Volunteers: 25

Revenue: $29 million (2010)

Method: Personal guidance and educational resources

Areas served: United States of America, Canada. You may want to check out their Wikipedia page

US Website: http://www.kars4kids.org   (www.kars4kids.com redirects to www.kars4kids.org)

Canada Website: http://www.kars4kids.ca  it redirects to http://www.kars4kids.org/en-ca/

Other Website: http://www.kars4kidsprograms.org/

Social Profiles: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, YouTube

Kars4Kids.org website screenshot as it appeared on 2nd June 2017.
Kars4Kids review

Kars4Kids Unbiased Review:

According to RipoffReport submitted on Friday, June 13, 2008, Reported By: burlington Kentucky; here is the headline of the report “Kars4Kids, Oorah, Joy (Supposed Charity ) Lakewood NJ Deceptive, Fraud, Scamming ways one individual or a couple has devised a master scam to intercept the hearts and compassion of people Lakewood New Jersey”. For report go here.

The report claims that “Lakewood-Based Haredi Charity Uses Deceptive Advertising, Bad Charity Practices, Apparent Trademark Infringement”.

Kars4Kids BBB (Better Business Bureau)

As states in the RipoffReport, a 2004 report from BBB says the charity may not meet at least eight of the BBB’s 20 standards for charity accountability. Weiner did not criticize the Kars4Kids program, saying the BBB reports serve only as a guide to help prospective donors decide whether they should give to a specific charity.

As per this blog post;  the following are some of the aliases that Kars4Kids / Oorah / JOY / Eli Mintz operates under:

  • kars4kids.org
  • donatecars.com
  • junk-yard.org
  • junk-car.org
  • towing4tots.org
  • scrapcar.org
  • donateautos.com
  • donatecar.TV
  • carsforkids.com

Kars4Kids Charity Navigator:

According to CharityNavigator, On May 4, 2017, it says that Kars4Kids is the subject of a compliance review by The Minnesota Attorney General’s office according to a press statement titled, “Swanson Issues Compliance Report on Kars4Kids: Charity with well-known radio jingle overstates charitable work, lacks disclosures.”

For this reason, we have issued a Moderate Concern CN Advisory (A Moderate Concern CN Advisory generally highlights allegations being made against a charity/non-profit that has not been confirmed yet, which is why these advisories are of moderate concern. Advisories at this level may also contain some concerns related to 990 and financial audit reporting issues).

For more details about the charges reported, you can refer “The Minessota Attorney General Office’s” press statement.

Kars4Kids is affiliated with Oorah, which currently has a Moderate Concern CN Advisory. For full details on this, refer the Advisory on Oorah and The New York Post article that describes the events that led to Oorah’s Advisory.

Kars4Kids Response to the Report

Kars4Kids responded and submitted its response at CharityNavigator. Here is the conclusion of Kars4Kids response, “The Attorney General investigated Kars4Kids at length and did not see any reason to take legal action against the organization”.